02 May 2013

Day in the Life

I read on a friend's blog about the challenge/encouragement
to Blog Every Day in May.
So I thought I'd try it.

Before I had even heard about the idea, I tried to post
on my family blog about my toddler's birthday,
but the pictures won't upload.
So like any lazy blogger, I gave up.

But I really have been trying to do better about blogging myself and
reading other blogs.  I really like it - but for some reason I haven't been much into it lately.
 And here's a great opportunity/challenge to get back on track and
into the habit of doing better.

I'm sure you're all frantic to find out what a day in the life is like over here at
Mary Poppins Perfect.
Let me tell you, it's full of excitement.
If your definition of excitement is:

- get up between 5 & 6
- read scriptures, check email & facebook, sometime workout
- breakfast & shower
- get the girlies up & fed breakfast while the baby drinks a bottle
- get the baby up
- let the kids play, sometimes read the paper, dink around online
- homeschool or preschool co-op, laundry
- continue previous step of play/paper/online, sometimes adding in dishes or other chores
- snack for baby between 10 & 1030
- baby in bed for nap between 11 & 12
- feed girlies lunch
- personal time: may consist of nap, computer work, planning for homeschool, tv, etc; basically anything I can't do with kiddies underfoot
- get said kiddies up & fix snack
- read books, continue other things with kids
- welcome husband home, run errands or work on home projects or hang out with family
- dinner prep
- dinner, family devotional
- bedtime
- free time! read, piano, online, sometime workout, projects, tv with hubby, errands alone
- bed between 9 & 11, depending

Occasionally we have the car during the day so the kids and I can visit friends or run errands during the day,
but that really doesn't happen too often.  Which is nice sometimes, especially
on the auto budget - dealing with only 1 car - but sometimes our big house gets pretty small.
I've been trying to find a nice playground near our house that I'm willing to walk to...the closest one is a bit
too big for my kids (just a few ladders, monkey bars, & a slide) - we tried another one that's a little farther, but there's no where for me to sit except the grass, which was wet & there was a lot of garbage
in the bark, so I didn't like the baby playing there.  And it didn't really have much, either.
But the other day we were driving through a nearby neighborhood & noticed one that looks promising.  So next time we go for a walk we will probably head over that way.

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