28 May 2013

Picnic Basket

My little brother is married!

It was so awesome to be able to be with him while he got married.
What a great experience that was last weekend.

And since I was able to finish their present (with time to spare!) and give it to them,
I thought I'd better get on here and post a picture of it.
 I made a large tote that I thought would be a great picnic basket,
with a coordinating picnic blanket.
The tote is from a pattern that I have made once before.
It's large, has 6 outside pockets, and 4 inside.
I don't know his wife very well, but I knew that she likes blue and yellow.
I found some great floral fabric, and lined it with yellow polka dots.
 The picnic blanket is a fabric painter's drop cloth.
I think we used the 5'x8' size.
And to embellish it, I grabbed a stencil brush, taped off a few stripes on two corners,
and dabbed on a bunch of acrylic paint.
After it was dry, I 'set' the paint by running it under a hot iron.
(But used a dry cloth in between the iron and blanket.)
 Here's some close ups of the material.
I wish it was mine!
It turned out so much cuter!  The light blue line on the outside is some
bias tape I used to make the pockets stand out a little more.
 And since we couldn't just give them an empty picnic basket,
the kids and I went down the grocery aisles at Walmart and chose
a bunch of random, picnic-friendly food to fill it with.

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Melissa said...

Man I love it. Great idea.