28 January 2014

Valentine's Craft

My friend has been hosting craft nights every couple
months or so.  Sometimes I do the craft
she's got going on, and other times I have brought my own thing
or simply shown up to have some girls time.

Last week, we made these cutie Valentine's boards.
When I put all of my Valentine decorations out, I didn't really like the combination
on the mantle because I had chosen a pale background and there
was too much red.  So I decided to paint my board pink.

Everyone else followed my friend's example & made theirs red.
And my board was from the scrap pile in the garage, 
(and our second vehicle is taking up the whole garage because the 
engine is spread out all over as Kidney Bean tries to figure out
why it doesn't run well, so no saws available)
so it ended up a little longer than all of the other ones, too.
And I love it.

16 January 2014

100 Days of Games, post 2

We are making our way through our
100 Days of Games.
It's going pretty well.

We've mainly played Scrabble.
I won on day two, and we both had one letter left over.
That's pretty unusual for us; we typically play 
every letter or just one person has a leftover.
 I won on day three, as well.
But we started to clean up before a picture was taken.
Here's Mr MPP's guilty look, even though I'm pretty sure it was me that
messed up the board.
The next day we broke our routine and played Connect Four.
Mr MPP bought me Connect Four for Christmas
when we were dating because he knew that I didn't like it because I've never been
very good at it.  Well, apparently my analytical skills or whatever
it is you need to win Connect Four THREE OUT OF THREE GAMES have
improved, cuz I won again and again.

Last night, we missed out on the game.  Things were crazy for bedtime for the
kids & then Mr MPP got caught up with work stuff & went to 
two different places.
Neither one of us realized we missed out on a game until it was too late.

To make up for missing out yesterday, we played two games today.
He beat me in Scrabble by A LOT - 39 points!
And he broke 300, so he's feeling pretty good about it.
After that, we played Phase 10 & I won by 3 phases.
It's been fun & I'm glad he came up with it.

11 January 2014

100 Day of Games

We've been feeling a little disconnected lately, even though
my husband and I spend almost all evening together for most days of the week.
But we've been involved in different activities around the house.
And since we were starting to notice it making a difference,
we talked about it the other night when we were getting ready for bed.

And my husband came up with a suggestion that he said he'd been thinking about
for quite a while.
And he called it 100 Days of Scrabble.
But since we decided that we probably won't play Scrabble every night,
I thought I'd call it
100 Days of Games
 And won't it be fun?

Well, I'm excited.  And I think he's looking forward to it, 
especially since he won the first game last night.
It was back and forth, and then I just couldn't play at the end 
and he kept coming up with words worth a lot of points.
We'll let you know how the next few go soon.