16 April 2013

Dr Seuss Day Dinner

It's a month (and a half!) after the fact,
but we celebrated Dr Seuss Day for the first time around here.

First, we made some Cat in the Hat hats.

And invited some friends for a special dinner.
 We ate some Poodles Who Eat Noodles salad,
Cat in the Hat jell-o parfaits,
Butter Battle rolls,
 Green (deviled) Eggs,
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish pretzels,
Oh the Places You'll Go swirl cookies
& some ham steaks.
Apparently the pictures were all taken before the ham was finished cooking.
And it was just normal - no green ham for me, thanks.
We also made sure to read Dr Seuss books at bedtime and throughout each day that week.

If you're interested in making the pinwheel cookies, here's the recipe.
Although I didn't exactly follow it.  I made my own sugar cookie dough and followed
the directions from there.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Wow I LOVE it.
That's the same day as Masaru's birthday so we were totally up in the air over the Pacific Ocean.
I'd rather have been at your place.