13 February 2012

This Week

Let's suffice it to say that everyone knows tomorrow is
Valentine's Day!

I hope you enjoy it.
There are also a bunch of other special holidays that day, such as
Library Lovers Day, Race Relations Day, & National Women's Heart Day.
Personally, I don't know why someone would choose to
do another holiday on one that's already so widely celebrated.
Is it just me?
Or do you think it's great to have 10 other holidays that are celebrated on Valentine's Day?

If Wednesday comes around and you don't feel like your kids have had enough sugar,
you can always celebrate
National Gum Drop Day!

And for those of you who don't feel like you get to make
your own choices much, OR if you
are ready to exert yourself a little more, you will really enjoy Friday.
My Way Day.
That's right - do everything your own way - just be careful how you approach it,
or you may find yourself with every member of your family expecting
to do everything their own way...

09 February 2012

This Weekend

There are some neat holidays this weekend.
Saturday is
National Shut-In Visitation Day.

So if you know someone who can't get out and about, feel free to celebrate
this holiday with a nice little visit.
I remember going to see my great-grandparents once when I was really little.  My great-grandma
was really sick and lived in a sort of crib in the living room of their house.
I'm sure it's a tough life to be unable to leave
the house, and I can't imagine anyone not enjoying a short visit.

And Sunday, just before Valentine's Day,
World Marriage Day.

So if you're lucky like me and married to your best friend, don't forget
to celebrate your marriage in some way.
I think that in our current situation that will come in the form of a love note
or a conversation about what a great guy he is.
And in the words of Frank Sinatra,
"Nice & easy does it every time."

06 February 2012

February 7 & 9

It's an easy one tomorrow -
Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbors Day!

So get out there and start waving!

And if you're in need of some relaxing me-time, feel free to
Read in the Bathtub Day
this Thursday.
You should probably make sure that you use a real book, though, and not some
kind of e-reader.  Because if you let that slip, it just spells d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r!

01 February 2012

February 1

Happy Robinson Crusoe Day!

In honor of this day, and since I just finished my last book,
I have downloaded the two Robinson Crusoe books by Daniel Defoe onto my Kindle.

Happy reading!