21 May 2013

New Projects

So I obviously stopped following along with the 
Blog Every Day in May stuff...I didn't really like the topics, 
and I forgot.
Surprise, surprise.
It's a rare occasion when I don't forget something around here.

BUT, I have been remembering to take pictures of a few things we did last week.
There were 2 delicious holidays to celebrate -
sorry you missed them if it was because I neglected to post them.
Chocolate Chip Day,
I tried a new recipe, found here.
But I made a few changes.  One, I used mostly-melted butter.
My mixer is having a tough time lately, and since it'll take a few years
to save up for a new one, I can't mix up cold butter.
Even using mostly-melted butter, I sometimes still end up with little clumps
of butter that won't smooth out.
Especially frustrating in the frosting process.
But back to the cookies!  I also used regular Hershey's cocoa powder,
since I had it on hand.
And I didn't make them giant.
And I added white chocolate chips.
Super delicious!
Here's the dough:
 That's the only picture I took of those babies.
But they were good!
Also, last week we celebrated Reese's Day!
So I made some delicious treats using Reese's Pieces.
Peanut Butter Shortbread bars, and chocolate cupcakes with
peanut butter frosting and a few candies on top.
So good.
And since Sunday was
Neighbor Day,
it was a great excuse to give away some goodies.
And I took most of them to ward choir, where they were promptly eaten
as soon as we were done.
I had never made shortbread before, and it was easy!
I tried to not use my hands to do the final mixing, but it's kind of necessary.
My brother is getting married this weekend, so I've got a project going.
I'm making a present, which I can't tell you what it is
just in case one of those lovebirds reads this blog, but here's a sneak peek:
And here's another sneak peak at a project that is a joint effort between
my husband and I.
Any guesses what this could be?

 And finally, since I already had the sewing machine out,
I changed the blue strap on this little tote my sister no longer wanted.
It had only one blue strap, but I prefer bags with
2 handles.  So I busted out some ribbon,
guessed on a length, and did a quick switcheroo.
 I like it.
Here's a picture that shows the blue, in case you were wondering.
It worked really nicely to take to church.
It held my scriptures, hymn book (since it was my turn to play
the organ), small notepad, keys, and the lesson that I had prepared to teach.
I have been needing a different bag to use because my last one is now
in the garbage.  I just hope I can keep this bag white enough!
So far, so good.

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