03 May 2013

Spring is Here!

I guess I got a little ahead of myself yesterday & mixed up the
topics for the 2nd/3rd days.  Oh, well.
And I also forgot to include the link to topics, which
gave me a hiccup to find it today.
So if you're interested in where my topics are coming from, it's here.
I didn't sign up to join the list - mainly because I don't want to.

But spring is here.
I think it's really been here for quite a while.
That's one nice thing about living near Seattle - our winter was really
mild & we've had great sunshine off and on for a couple months.
Which beats the surprise snow that I've seen friends and family getting
across the country.

We discovered a new park in early April. 
It's the Tacoma Nature Center.
We took a short walk along part of Snake Lake, but had to turn around
early because I realized I left the camera on the front seat of the car.
Then we crossed the parking lot and found a nice playground.
We would have stayed longer, but it started raining and turned really cold.
So we ended up spending the rest of the morning at the Tacoma mall.
Which was fun.

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