07 June 2013

BIC Soleil House Party

Are you a member of houseparty.com?
You should be.

Go sign up.
It's free, and you are able to host great parties to let friends 
and family know about new products that have come out, or are about to come out.
I've hosted several in the past, and last Wednesday I was able to host
one for the new BIC Soleil Shave & Trim Razor.

I was sent 12 razors to give to party guests, and a box of 
other items to make the party enjoyable.
We talked about how great the new razor is (no one had heard of it before),
but I used it prior to having the party & let me tell you,
it's my new favorite razor!!
I was already a fan of BIC Soleil razors, but this one is even better.
It has a little attachment that you can slide on the razor & trim up the bikini area.
Go try some out.
And sign up for houseparty, because you can host great parties like this and 
get new products to give to your friends.