31 January 2012

February 2

Two great reasons to celebrate this Thursday -
it's Groundhog Day
Crepe Day!

So you can treat yourself to a delicious breakfast before tuning in to
find out whether or not Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow or not, and how much longer
we can expect winter to last.

And, to inspire the celebration of Groundhog Day with your kids,
you can make some cutie cupcakes.
My mom and I made them a few years ago, and they are really cute.
Plus, who doesn't love a cupcake?

28 January 2012

January 29

Tomorrow is
National Puzzle Day!

I love puzzles.  Of all different kinds - crosswords, jigsaw, logic.
I used to have a TON of puzzles.  And I put them together often.
Truthfully, I am really good at jigsaw puzzles, and 
often find ways to make it more difficult to put together.  For instance,
I will sometimes take out a handful of pieces and connect any that will, and then put the rest aside,
then take out another handful and connect all of those that will connect, and so on.
It's ridiculous, I know.  But otherwise, those puzzles will only last for just
over an hour or so.

Good luck with your puzzles!

27 January 2012

Follow Up

How was your peanut butter? 
What did you end up eating?

We did have cookies, although they weren't actually made until after
the kids were in bed. 
Which worked out pretty well for me.  
I love to eat cookies hot from the oven, and it's getting
tough to sneak them now that the girls are older
and pay more attention to things around them, since they have to wait until cookies are cooled.

And our obstacle course, while simple, was fun.

We put some pillows out to go around, lined up some dolly blankets
to jump over, and used the living room chairs as the turn around point.

After four rounds, I was done, and sat down to take a short break.

25 January 2012

January 27

This Friday is 
National Preschool Fitness Day!

So grab your kids and get busy.

I was thinking we could do some sort of obstacle course in the living room,
placing pillows and blanket on the floor and going around and over them.
And bust out the bubbles - because how else can you
so easily convince kids to get active?
Especially little ones like we've got here.

(Note - this day is celebrated on the last Friday in January, so the date is flexible.)

24 January 2012

I Almost Missed It!

I'm feeling a little betrayed by my great source for all
the many holidays...apparently, they did
not know that TODAY is
Which we will be celebrating, since we love peanut butter around here.

PB&J for lunch (but that's pretty normal for us)
I just happened to throw a mix for PB cookies in my cart last night
while doing my weekly shopping!

Even though I love to make cookies from scratch, and my favorite recipe for
PB cookies can be found here (or on a jar of JIF),
remember we are in temporary housing, and I don't want to buy the
necessary ingredients (soda, powder, salt), since as soon
as we move and get our stuff out of storage, I will have it.
Not to mention, cookies are a little complicated when you don't have a cookie sheet -
I'll be using a 9x13 glass pan.
It's a good thing the pouches don't make too many, since it'll be 6 at a time!

Hope it's not too late for you to enjoy some peanut butter today.

One of my favorite snacks is a spoonful of peanut butter - yummmmm!!

January 25

I thought it might be helpful to look ahead a little bit, in case there's
a holiday that sounds like something you want to celebrate
but need some time to prepare for it.

Tomorrow, it's 
Macintosh Computer Day

I myself am not a big fan of Mac computers, but if you are,
I found some great cupcakes on a fabulous cupcake blog.

It's also
A Room of One's Own Day

It is the dream of many mom's, I'm sure, to have a room to
which you can escape the cares of everyday, even if it's only for 10 minutes.
Those ten minutes would be heaven, especially on certain days.

So in light of that, here are some inspirational rooms.  I will have to make do
with retreating to the bedroom for a few minutes and relaxing on the bed.
Or maybe I will soak in the tub.

Time will tell.
Okay, on to the rooms!

My dream room for a place for me to escape alone would definitely have
numerous books.  Seriously, I can happily spend hours in a library
or book store, as long as my kids aren't around.
I found this colorful library, which combines my love of books
with my love of color.