19 February 2014

Chocolate Mint Day

Happy Chocolate Mint Day!

We are celebrating simply & deliciously around here.

11 February 2014

Chinese New Year

Happy New Year!
It's the middle of Chinese New Year.
Did you know?
It's not too late to celebrate; it's a few more days until it's over.

On the first night of the new year,
we had chinese food for dinner.  Fried rice, pot stickers,
& spring rolls.
And I hung some paper lanterns over the table.
 And since it's the Year of the Horse,
I found this neat cut out online.
The kids and I made and colored some dragon masks.
Here they are, although one didn't really like his so he wouldn't put it up to his face.
I tried to get him to put his up by putting mine up in front of the camera.
Here's the result: