26 September 2012

Where Did the Month Go?

September has been busy for us,
but you wouldn't think it by looking at the blog - 
or would you?  Does the lack of posts
here lead you to believe that I've been so incredibly busy
that I can't take the time to update?

Eh - probably not.
And you'd be right - yes, we've been busy, but
the lack of posts is more a result from 
priorities being in other places.

But that doesn't mean that there aren't some great holidays to celebrate
as September ends:

Friday is 
Love Note Day
So get to writing!
When I was dating my husband, he went to boot camp and
AIT for the Army after a few months, so
we wrote a lot, since his phone access
was severely limited.
And we try to continue to write love notes to each other
periodically. If you're out of practice, Friday's a GREAT day to start.
Trust me, your love is worth the time.

Saturday is
National Museum Day
This is a GREAT one!  The Smithsonian
has partner museums across the country that will let you in for FREE!
That's right - quality museums, no cost to you for admission.
Check out the details on their website HERE,
and enjoy learning something.
And you may be surprised at how many museums participate, so check it out.

12 September 2012

First Day of School Pictures

I've done it.
I've joined the ranks of 1000s.
We started a homeschool curriculum last week.
We are doing Core A from Sonlight.
I love it.

Since our oldest child has a late birthday and I don't want to 
pay for a preschool (or second car that we would probably
want to get her there everyday),
I opted for the option to buy a used curriculum.

First day pics follow:
 MiniMPP, now 5

TeenyMPP, a little too young to always understand,
but she enjoys having school, too