10 May 2013

Book Love

I LOVE books!
We have bookshelves full of books around here, and I've
read many - I'd even venture to say most - of them.
At any given time, I'm in the midst of
reading at least 3.

I have a few go-to authors that I seek out every time
I'm at the library, just in case they have something that I haven't read before.
Here's the list:

-- Mary Higgins Clark - great mysteries with strong women 
as the lead characters, not graphic, and she keeps the language clean

-- Carol Higgins Clark - follows the same writing style as her mom (above),
but focuses her books around one woman as the lead character in each one

-- Mary Jane Clark - also write the same style; it's convenient to look for
all three of these women, because they are on the same shelf

-- Ann B Ross - writes about Miss Julia, who is a sassy
southern lady who starts to really live after her husband dies unexpectedly;
also contain mysteries

-- Joanne Fluke - write Hannah Swenson murder mysteries;
each book contains delicious recipes throughout - each recipe
that I've tried has been delicious

-- Joseph Delaney - writes the Last Apprentice series; can be found
in the young adult or juvenile section, depending on your library; 
all about witches and fighting evil

-- Jan Karon - wrote a series about a small town preacher, known as
the Mitford Series; delightful! She's also writing more books
about the same preacher after he's retired, the Father Tim series

I've been working my way through a list of basic western canon
that my brother gave me a few years ago. It's long - around 500 books or so.
So when I can't find something from one of my favorites or am not in
search of my book club's current read, I will look for something from this author.
As I've been reading these recommendations, I've found some great classics:
--Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle
--all Jane Austen novels - Pride & Prejudice is my favorite
-- The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins
-- Les Miserables - Victor Hugo (long, but worth it!)

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