01 October 2012

Museum Day

We were able to head over to Tacoma, Washington
on Saturday to celebrate Museum Day.
We went to the 
It was pretty neat.
It wasn't as big as I had thought it was going to be.
The first thing we did was head into the Hot Shop to check out the
people working there.
You can check out a live feed here - it's pretty neat to watch.

The girls didn't like it too much - they were scared for some reason.
So we each held one for a little while before we decided
to head out and see some of the displays.

It was great.
I didn't take any pictures inside the museum, but I did
up on the bridge that goes over the busy road & train tracks, so
you can have an idea of what we saw inside.
 It's really neat.

There were a few different exhibits inside.  In the main entrance area, there
was a display of birds.  I think they were all done
by the same guy, but I'm not positive about that.
But they were really neat.  In each display case, there were several different
ones and it was difficult to choose a favorite because they 
were all so interesting or pretty or cute.

And in the gallery, there were some really big creations, and a
few different collections.

All in all, it was a great trip.  The size of the museum
was perfect for going with kids, and they
don't mind having kids come.
In fact, there are a few pieces on display in the hallway that leads to
the restrooms, and those pieces were all designed by kids.
There was a nacho, an elephant, a raccoon star, and a snake on a pole.
They have strollers that you can use, for FREE,
and I just saw on their website that if you have a library card from
Pierce Country, Tacoma, or Puyallup, you can check out a free pass with it.
Which is awesome!

I would definitely head back there after to see another exhibit.
They even had a few sculptures outside:

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