16 October 2012

31 Days of Halloween: 12 - 15

I know, I know, it's
FINALLY another post.
We had planned for one trip out of town this month, but
ended up having to go out of town again this last weekend.
So it's a catch-up kind of day again.
But it's a great one!

Here's the follow-up to Day 10, my
free Home Depot craft is finished.
 I kinda like it.

Day 12:
Mummify the front door.
After I looked at this picture, I added some
black eye balls, since I thought this was a little strange looking.

Day 13:
Paper pumpkins.
I used paper strips and small brads.

Day 14:
Tissue ghosts

Day 15:
ghost on the mirror
I cut out a ghost from some clear contact paper
and stuck it on the bathroom mirror downstairs.
So far, only my husband
has noticed it.
I saw this on pinterest, and the post suggested
that you use some cling wrap, but I don't buy that.
So I thought contact paper would work pretty good, and it did.
PLUS, I was able to draw out the image on the 
backing paper, which I'm not sure if cling wrap has that or not.

I'm still working on today's craft,
so I will have to post it tomorrow.

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Melissa said...

Man these are all awesome. Love it.