10 October 2012

31 Days of Halloween, Days 3 - 8

Have you given up on me yet?
We went out of town for the weekend,
and I've been working on getting the house in order.
Even though we cleaned it pretty well before
we left, it's always a chore to get it cleaned up when we get home.

But, I have still been working on my 31 Days of Halloween.
Here's what I've done so far:

Day 3:
  Got out the decorations we already had
and decorated the downstairs.


Day 4:
 Printed out some Halloween cuties
and stuck them in frames, then added to the decor
from the day before.
You can find the subway art here, the witch here (available in 8 different colors),
and the say boo here.

Day 5:
 Printed and hung this free Trick or Treat banner.
You can find it here.

 Day 6:
 While we were at grandma's house, the girls
made some spooky haunted houses
with stickers inside the windows and doors.

Day 7:
 Then they made some bats out of circle heads with
pointy ears and tracing their hands for the wings.

Day 8:
 Of course we can't leave grandma's without
my sister painting the girls' nails.  One has candy corn
colors alternating on each finger and the
other has white with green and purple dots.
Or for a different candy corn approach,
see the toes below.  It's a mixture of what
the girls have, candy corn big toe and polka dots for the rest.
Super cute!

Thank you for the free printables to the blogs I linked to.
They have some great ideas, so be sure
to check them out.

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Melissa said...

Man check you out.
This is awesome.
I feel like taking a nap after reading all of that ;)