11 October 2012

31 Days of Halloween: 9-11

Okay, here's the next three!

Day 9:
I made a banner for the mantle, which consists of
two pieces - the googly eyes on thread,
and some orange and white papers taped to some black ribbon.
Easy-peasy and cute.

 The whole look.

Day 10:
Last night, a friend and I went to
Home Depot to check out a new thing they are
doing at our store, a
FREE monthly craft night.
The craft last night was based on THIS PICTURE,
and here's how mine looks after last night.
 I'll be finishing it up today.
And post a finished picture later.

The craft night was pretty awesome - the four 2x4s were all
painted the base colors and drilled with holes,
because they are put together with dowels instead of screws.
And they provided more paint, markers, and some templates (I didn't use those).
Anything else that we wanted to have on it, we needed to bring it with us,
like gauze or material (or pink ribbon!) for the mummy.
You should check out if your Home Depot will be doing this, too - it was GREAT!!

Day 11:
That same friend brought me a piece
of her pumpkin cheesecake,
which I will enjoy as soon as I feed the baby.
I'm pretty excited because I could smell
the pumpkin as I was taking the picture - it took some restrain to
eat lunch first.

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