24 October 2012

31 Days of Halloween, 19 - 23

No excuses, but please forgive me for taking so long.
Day 19:
The kids and I had the car the other day while Daddy
was camping with the Scouts.
So we went to the home improvement store for some supplies.
On the way, we passed a sign that said free pumpkins.
I thought about stopping, but didn't.
Then we passed it again on the way home, and there were several adults
wearing costumes and flagging down passing cars to come
and get some free pumpkins.
So I turned around and had the girls each pick one.
They had to be small, since the baby was
in the car seat, and he's over 20 lbs (what a chunk!).
Here they are (I included a pencil in the picture so you could see the size):

Day 20 & 21:
Made sugar cookie dough, chilled it overnight.
Cut out cutie Halloween cookies.

Day 22:
Attempted to frost them using royal icing, so it would set and be so beautiful.
It was okay, but I wasn't very pleased with the results:
 Plus I kept dropping them on each other before the icing set,
so they were mainly turning out to be a big mess.
 Note to self - ice with buttercream.

Day 22:
Corn maze!
It was FREE!!  Woohoo!
Here we are at the end.
 Here we are when I lost my balance.  Luckily I caught myself and only my fingers
hit the mud.

Day 23:
Pumpkin patch.
It was a little more than we had expected to pay, having never been to one before.
They were 30 cents a pound.
But we only picked out two (thank goodness).
And while Daddy was paying, we found a big box of teeny pumpkins,
so the girls picked some up and we snapped a photo
'cause they are so cute!

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