08 August 2012

Pioneer Cupcakes

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit, but it really did take until today
to discover that I had the camera cord this whole time.
Oops!  But at long last, here
are the pictures of the adorable pioneer cupcakes made for the celebration last month.
Please excuse the video...I had it on the wrong setting, but I thought
it had the truest color.

Chocolate cupcakes, chocolate frosting,
Quaker Oh's for the wheels, and Wilton's Sugar Sheets for the wagon canvas.
Even though some people thought it was paper, I hope that they realized it wasn't when
they touched it to take it off the cupcake.
The whole batch.  I did as many wagons as I could from one sugar sheet.
They weren't all even, but that's just how I roll sometimes...
I wing it.
In case you're wondering, I picked up my sugar sheets from JoAnn's.
But I've seen them at Walmart and Michael's, too...you could probably
pick them up at any craft or cake store that sells Wilton products.

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