30 August 2012

July Crafts

I know it's not July anymore.
And I really did have these done before July ended -
it was even before Independence Day,
but it's taken me this long to take pictures and post it.

When the kids and I went to visit family in June,
I took some wood scraps with me and we made some cutie
4th of July crafts.
Because we like to change the decor with the holidays.
 flag made with 2x4s and ribbon

 'Old Glory' with 2x3s and paper - it seems a little bare,
so maybe next year I'll add some kind of embellishment.
Or maybe not.  
We didn't use vinyl on these.  I just made the letters large in PowerPoint,
printed them, made them darker with a marker, and then
ModPodged them on.

firecracers with 2x2, paper, and pipe cleaners

1 comment:

Melissa said...

I love these Missy.
Well done.