17 August 2012

Fun Weekend

I hope that you've had a week with less
Screaming than I have.  Our daughter is about to turn five,
And I think the anticipation is causing her some problems.
And how do you work through your problems when you're four?
Scream. Scream. SCREAMMMMMM!!

So we've had some extra timeouts the past few days,
And I've tried to remember extra hugs.

Have you ev geocached?  One of my college roommates introduced me to it.
It's pretty enjoyable, especially if you like treasure hunts.
But more especially if you have a GPS.
It is kind of a requirement.
Basically, you go to the geocaching website.
Pick a geocached to check out.
Gather any necessary items.
Grab your GPS and try to find it.
Still don't understand?
A geocached is something that someone created and then hid near a specific
GPS coordinate.  It might be a film canister, an old ammunition box - really
Anything that will survive the weather conditions, since it will epboably be outside.
Then you post the coordinates on the website and tell potential visitors what they will need to do
When they find your cache.
This could be trading an item for one that's in your cache or maybe signing something. 
They find it, do the thing, and then you can go back to the website and share your experience.
It's pretty fun.
And what better time to try it than tomorrow?
Because tomorrow is 
International Geocaching Day
Try it out.
It might be your new favorite family activity.

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