14 August 2012

Scrabble Week

I've been a little remiss in getting this post up,
but there's still time to celebrate
National Scrabble Week!

It runs from the 11 - 15, so there's still today and tomorrow
to get your words on.
Mr MPP and I have played one game every night so far.
Last night, I scored my all-time high of 351!!
I could hardly believe it.

And in honor of Scrabble Week, I made some cookies that 
Mr MPP took to work this morning.
 Here's a picture of the ones we kept and ate:

And here's what our board looked like on Saturday after our first match:
So far, I've won every game.
Hopefully Mr MPP can win tonight and/or tomorrow, or we might
not be celebrating this next August.

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Melissa said...

That's amazing.
You're awesome.