30 July 2012

Better Grab a Book

So how was your lasagna?  Or did you enjoy some milk chocolate
yesterday?  I had a great big glass of chocolate milk.
And it was delicious.

My cupcakes turned out great!  I am so glad.
I made large ones and small ones, since I figure we can't be the
only parents around who feel that a whole cupcake for one child is too much.
But I don't mind giving them a mini cupcake all to themselves.

I promised some pictures, but Mr MPP took the cord to work this morning.
So you'll have to wait a little to see them.

But on to the new holidays.

Today is 
Paperback Book Day,
so grab a book and get reading.
I am currently reading two paperbacks, In Grandma's Attic, a children's book,
and The Red Badge of Courage.  It's my second attempt at Stephen Crane's civil war novel, 
and I must
say that I am enjoying it more this time around.
It's a short one, but I'm only reading a page or two at a time.

And tomorrow is 
Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day.
Do you know what some of these instruments are?
I am proud to say that I do.
Although, it probably doesn't hurt that I was a band geek for years and years
and years.
Did I mention that I was in the band from 6th grade until 12th grade?
I loved it, I'll admit it.
I learned to play the clarinet first.
Then switched to the alto sax, and then added
the bassoon to my repertoire.

One more thought - you might enjoy listening to some of these
uncommon instruments by finding a recording of Peter and the Wolf,
which is an excellent song by Sergei Prokofiev.
There is also a cartoon movie by Disney that shows the story, but just listening to it will
enable you to understand the story.

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