03 November 2012


Trying to get settled in after a month of 
being busy busy busy with Halloween.
Let's just say that I will not
be doing that for Thanksgiving.

At least not this year.

Before I forget, here is a picture of my costume - 
part of it anyway.
My sister complained that there wasn't a picture of me,
but I had already changed and then lost
the motivation to get back into it.
I blame it on the tights.
I was a witch.
I made this tutu with ribbons following the great
tutorial found here.
May I just say that is was SUPER EASY,
and I like it a lot more than the tying kind, although it still has the look of a no-sew tutu.

I wore some cutie pink and black striped tights, a black shirt, some
black knee-length leggings, and a black witch hat.
I love Halloween.
I also discovered my husband's requirements for costumes (finally),
so hopefully I will get something figured out for him next year.
Without further ado,
let's get on to this month's special things:
Banana Pudding Lovers Month...mmmmm!
Family Stories Month...good time
to work on your family history - especially to ask older family
members to recall their lives

International Drum Month - get banging!

Military Family Appreciation Month - so grateful
for families who have people who willingly serve in the military!
My husband just finished his Army National Guard career of 7 years.
I have mixed feelings about it, but we are happy he's out.

National Georgia Pecan Month - pecan pie would be delicious at
Thanksgiving!  We always have it at my in-laws,
although it's really Washington Nut Pie, since grandpa uses
walnuts instead of pecans.
It's just as delicious - but half the price to make.

Sweet Potato Awareness Month - are you aware?

And next week, we can enjoy:

Saxophone Day on Tuesday
I LOVE the sax - I played alto sax from
seventh grade through twelfth grade.
It's pretty much awesome.

Tuesday is also Election Day!
Don't forget to vote!!
It was a little strange to do that this weekend
and then drop our ballots in a mailbox.
It's not quite as fun,
but just as important.

Thursday is 
X-Ray Day.
Any suggestions on how to celebrate that?
I don't really want to have a family member need an x-ray.

Friday is
Domino Day
We have two types of domino games at our house.
which the kids love...but shop around because
the price I saw on the link is way too high,
and the other is just a regular set of domino tiles.
But we usually play the Mexican Train way.
And Saturday, the 10th,
is the
United States Marine Corps Birthday.
Happy 237th to my brother Jakefoot!

So much to do.
The most important is probably to vote.
Don't forget!!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

I didn't know your husband had finished his time in the military!!!!!
I wish I saw you in your costume as well............I"m sad.
Turns out November has a lot of celebrate.