10 November 2012

Junk Show

I went to a junk show this morning,
and it was AWESOME!

I picked up a couple of things....
 As I'm sure many of the attendees felt,
I wished I could purchase multiple things from each vendor.
But I had to be responsible....

....such is my lot in life.
Most of the time.

I have even utilized them already!!
I bought them both for the laundry room,
and here they are, 
looking and fitting perfectly, I might add.
 Here's a close up of how the tray
is being used.
I put in our homemade laundry soap (love!),
a tide-to-go pen, and the dryer sheets.
Looking forward to the next show!

If they come near you, I sure recommend checking it out.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Glad you love it so much.
Home made?