13 November 2012

Chicken Curry ala Anny

The other night I made curry chicken.
It is delicious.
I love it.
And it's so easy!

I have tried a few different recipes, but every time
I do, I always wish that I had tried the first one that I ever attempted.
It's pretty much fool-proof,
so I thought I'd share it with you.

Here's what I do:

Cook up some chicken - my latest method is to just stick a couple of boneless,
skinless breasts in the crockpot in the morning,
cook them a few hours, then transfer them to the fridge

Cut up and boil some potatoes and carrots.
I think I used 6 or 7 potatoes the other day, and 2 carrots.
Boil until soft, then drain out the water.

While the veggies are cooking, I chopped an onion and 
fried it with the chicken in some olive oil.
Then add it to the drained veggies.

Next, I put in half a package of this curry.
It's delicious.  And not very expensive (notice that price is for a 12-pack!).
And I always make sure to buy the mild.
Because that's how I roll.
This mouth can handle a little spice, but I don't want to buy the hot style
and not be able to enjoy it since it's too spicy for me.

But I digress....
put in the curry, then add some water.  I put in a little over 4 cups, and it was a little 
too much, because it ended up watering down the curry flavor.
So probably 3 1/2 cups would suffice.

Stir it occasionally, so the curry paste will melt and disperse.

Serve over rice.
It may not be a great picture, but it's delicious.
Even the kids have enjoyed it.

I learned this method by watching my sister-in-law make curry when I spent a summer
living at their house in Las Vegas.
And when I remembered it a year or two later, I was super excited
that it turned out so nicely.

I think you can find this type of curry in most supermarkets; it tends
to be a little hidden on the Asian food aisle.
I don't think it's too outrageously priced, either - probably $3-4 per box,
which you can use in at least 2 recipes.  When I first started, I would only
use a square or two.  But now that our family's bigger, we make bigger dishes.
I like it a lot more than the powdered curry that has been used
in the other recipes I've tried.

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