12 November 2012

Laundry Soap Recipe

This is by no means my own recipe,
but I really like it.
I found it on Pinterest, and after a friend
of mine tried it on her blog and loved it, I decided
to try it out

You can find the original post HERE.

When I made my first batch, I also purchased a large container for it.
I was a little nervous about it, since it's large and glass,
and that's not always a good combination,
but it's worked out wonderfully.
So I think for my first batch it was about $30, with
the inclusion of the pretty jar (which I bought for $9.97).

I still keep a spray bottle of Shout handy,
to give the kids' clothes a quick squirt when they've had a messy day,
and a small container of OxyClean for soaking things - 
have you ever tried it on a white baby onesie that's been 
washed and dried (without realizing there were stains from a diaper)?
I soak them overnight in a small amount of cold water, then rinse and wash the next day.
Clean white onesie.

I can't remember when I made the first batch of soap, but I know
for sure it was in this house, and I don't think that 
my son was born yet, so I will go with March.
But my current batch was made on November 1, so 
when that runs out I will know for sure how long it has lasted around here.

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