12 November 2012

This Week's Holidays

This week is Young Reader's Week.
Sounds like the perfect opportunity to go to the library,
although today probably isn't a good idea, since
most libraries are closed in order
to observe Veteran's Day.

Speaking of which, did you thank a vet?
I did.  My favorite one, my husband.
Here are a few pictures of him keeping busy in Afghanistan,
back in 2008:

Wednesday is
National American Teddy Bear Day.
So grab a teddy bear and have a picnic!
Wouldn't that be so fun to do for lunch?  I'll have to make sure
and celebrate that with the girls,
which works out pretty well, since Wednesday is also
International Girls Day.

Thursday is the
Great American Smokeout.
It's a great day to stop smoking if it's been on your mind.
It's also a great day to stop smoking if it hasn't been on your mind.

Thursday is also the day that 
my little brother gets home from his mission!
That's right, his two years are over, and he will
be back in the West before the week is up!
He has done a great job serving on the East coast of the USA.
We love you, Elder!  Looking forward to seeing you during Thanksgiving!!

Saturday is
Homemade Bread Day.
Need I say more?


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