31 January 2013

Valentine's 2x4 Decor

As prizes for the games at the yellow & gray
baby shower, I made some
Valentine decorations to give away.

And I ended up loving them so much that I was sad to see them go.
But I made sure to take some pictures so
I could remember how they looked when I get out to the garage & cut some wood.

Since my husband was working on the table during the week
leading up to the shower, I had to choose some wood from the scrap box.
But it turned out okay.
Just not okay enough to have more that are the right size.

Bummer, man.

 I think this LOVE sign is a 1x4, about 7 inches long

 This conversation heard was a 2x4, about 3 1/2 inches tall

And the Be Mine sign was a 2x3, about 12 inches wide

I don't have a way to cut vinyl, and my painting skills are very lacking,
at least when it comes to writing clearly and cute-ly.
So what I did for the letters was:
-- open PowerPoint
-- make a box the size of the wood (for instance, a 1x4x7 rectangle)
-- insert a text box into the rectangle and type the word I want on the block (LOVE)
-- choose the font & change the size so it fits in the box
-- move the text box to the side, delete the rectangle, and do the next one
-- when done with all desired text boxes (3 in my case), print it out
-- I cut the words out so there was one word on each piece of paper (I ended up with 4)
-- use painter's tape to secure the paper to the painted/dry block
-- use a ball-point pen to trace the outline of the letters
-- remove the paper and carefully trace the imprint of the letters left by the pen (I used a Sharpie)
-- love and enjoy the result

**It's a good idea to make sure that the paint on your block is dry;
otherwise your Sharpie will stop working**

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