28 January 2013

Kitchen Table

Back in 2007, when we had just one child and my husband
was in Afghanistan, I found a great deal on a new table at a sidewalk sale.
It was a round black pedestal table, with four chairs,
for about $150.

It looks a lot like this one.
And it served us well.
Except for when I wanted to cut out a lot of fabric,
spread out anything, serve food on the table at the same time that we ate,
or have company over for dinner.
Especially as our family grew.

So after we finished our tv console, we started working on a table.
And it's finally done!!!


And here are some pictures of the process, well I guess just
the staining, since I can't find any of the actual building.
You'll just have to take our word for it that we built it in the garage.

 So beautiful!
And one of the best parts? 
It was less than $200.
And very easily seats 8 comfortably.

If you are interested in making one for yourself, you can find the plan
here, from Ana White.
We did make a few changes to the plan.
We used three 2x12s for the top, with 2x3s between them.
I think the rest is pretty much the same as the plan.

If you've made one of these, or another of Ana's plans,
I'd love to see it.

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