05 February 2013


I always loved getting hand-me-downs from cousins.
It was so awesome to get a huge garbage bag
and go through it and see all these 'new' clothes that were just for me.

So I was pretty excited when my sister-in-law
asked for our address so she could mail a few of her
son's old clothes to us for the baby.
 Thank you!!
And we piled them around him so he could enjoy them right away, too.
Although he was more interested in escaping.
But he's already wearing some of them, and I especially love the red plaid
jacket that is fleece lined...he looks so big when he wears it, not like a baby.
But having all those teeth makes him look like that, too,

Were you happy to get hand-me-downs when you were little?
Or lucky enough to get them for your kids?
We've always kept our kid's old clothes, since we aren't done having children.
I think it's ridiculous to get rid of them when I know I'll
need some again sometime.  I'd rather store them for several years rather than
spend the money to buy all new ones.

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Melissa said...

I was the oldest and had hand-me-downs throughout my entire life and since Dru's the youngest all of our children have hand-me-downs and will forever and I LOVE it.