24 January 2013

Painting the Living Room

You may be wondering how our Christmas was.
It was great. 
Short and sweet and just our little family.
Very relaxing.
How many of you can say that?

Well, it was relaxing until the kids went to bed.
Then we took down all the decorations and cleared out our first living room.
It's the room that you enter from the front door.
Since the other living room is adjacent to this one, and you can basically see both rooms
completely when you are in the other, we haven't yet decided on what to
call each room.  Sometimes one is the 'fireplace room',
or the 'circle couch room', or just 'the other one'.
One of these days (or years) we will nail it down.

So here are some before pictures, so you know what a white wall looks like.
You can see my husband prepping the window with tape.
He put a bunch of plastic sheets on the floor, but instead of taping them all down,
he used a putty knife to tuck them under the baseboards.  It worked great!
We weren't too concerned with the baseboards, because they are of some sort of
laminate material that the paint wipes right off.  And if it dries before you 
notice it, it takes less than a minute to get the paint off.
Easy peasy.

 Front corner

 He's so far away...the room is 27 feet long!

 The girlies were occupied upstairs with a movie,
which is a super rare occurrence around here.
At least for the kids.

 The color we used is Pistachio Ice
It's a Valspar color (which is available at Lowe's),
but we took the sample over to Home Depot and bought Behr paint.
We didn't really have a reason, that's just what we did.

 He really was excited to paint, even if he doesn't show it.

 Here are two after shots.  I tried to include the arch, since we left that white,
so you could get an idea of the change in color.

I'm sitting on the circle couch and looking at the walls right now, and the green 
in the picture is not the same green that are on the walls.
Maybe sometime I will take another shot of the wall and it will be more accurate.
Probably after we get some more work finished in here.


Melissa said...

Good job man.
Do you LOVE it?

Missy! said...

YES! We love it! I guess I should have added that in there, huh?