23 January 2012

Special Holidays

I love to celebrate out-of-the-ordinary holidays.  I have friends who throw John Deere birthday parties every year.  I love the idea of doing that, although not for John Deere, and since I haven't found a different birthday to celebrate, I'm sticking with the different types of holidays.

I am starting a blogging series on here, which will coincide with different holidays.  There are several sites that have daily holidays - my favorite is THIS one, which has a ton of different ones, in an easy to find format.

My plan is to include posts of what holidays we celebrate this year, as well as different ideas for other holidays that sound like fun but maybe we didn't get to them.  That's where pinterest will be very helpful...I love, love, LOVE pinterest, and I'm sure I will find too many ideas to include for each holiday.

And just a warning, in the beginning, the holiday postings will probably all be from pinterest, since we're in temporary housing and I don't have much more than clothing with me (and our spice cupboard consists of salt, pepper, and cinnamon).


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