24 January 2012

I Almost Missed It!

I'm feeling a little betrayed by my great source for all
the many holidays...apparently, they did
not know that TODAY is
Which we will be celebrating, since we love peanut butter around here.

PB&J for lunch (but that's pretty normal for us)
I just happened to throw a mix for PB cookies in my cart last night
while doing my weekly shopping!

Even though I love to make cookies from scratch, and my favorite recipe for
PB cookies can be found here (or on a jar of JIF),
remember we are in temporary housing, and I don't want to buy the
necessary ingredients (soda, powder, salt), since as soon
as we move and get our stuff out of storage, I will have it.
Not to mention, cookies are a little complicated when you don't have a cookie sheet -
I'll be using a 9x13 glass pan.
It's a good thing the pouches don't make too many, since it'll be 6 at a time!

Hope it's not too late for you to enjoy some peanut butter today.

One of my favorite snacks is a spoonful of peanut butter - yummmmm!!

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