24 July 2013

Betcha Can't Guess...

...what my last name starts with!

Here's my latest home project.
I love it.
And we've still got room on the wall in case
we come across more letters we love or another idea on how to make another one.

I spent less than $30 for all of it.
The white sparkly one, the lower case orange, and the uppercase red
all came home with me in my suitcase from Utah,
when I stopped at the Wood Connection.
The vinyl letters also came from there - in the clearance box for .50 - $1 a piece.
I made the yellow one - it's cardboard wrapped in yarn.
The green and brown ones were found at Michael's for .99 or less.
And the blue one with a threaded letter I made myself from scraps around here.
I'll post a tutorial on that soon.

Here's another look:

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