11 July 2013

Wood Craft

I spent a quick weekend in Salt Lake City last month,
and while I was there I stopped in a the Wood Connection.
It's a little shop that sells unfinished wood crafts.
It's probably a good thing that we don't live nearby and that the things
they sell online are limited, because it's pretty tempting to buy up the whole place.

So many fun things!!
Of course, since I was flying home and had to keep my luggage light, since
I wasn't going to pay to have it checked, I was limited by more than a budget.

I grabbed several things, though.
Some I am still working on, but this one is done and displayed
on the mantle.
The watermelon pieces were around $6, and the vinyl was on
clearance for 50 cents.
I painted the back piece of the watermelon green, then
glued on some red gingham paper, then glued on the beadboard
that I had painted red, and then glued on the seeds.
The yellow sign was a piece of scrap wood from the garage.

They actually sell 2 more pieces of watermelon, which would have made a super
fun collection, but the weight and the budget were considerations that I had to keep in mind.
You can check out their website and see a few things they sell online,
but looking around their blog allows you to see finished products that people
have created from the unfinished products they sell.
So fun!

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