12 December 2012

Rainbow Birthday Party

I tried to avoid it.
But when my daughter came up with the theme of
rainbows for her birthday, I gave in.
And of course it was fun.
I'm not sure why I didn't want to do it, but I'm glad that I didn't try
to talk her out of it (well, at least not much).

And it's kind of embarrassing that it has taken me so long to 
post the pictures, since she's been 5 for a couple months already.
But my excuse is that I forgot my camera and had
to use a friend's phone to get pictures (which is why we only have some
before pics), and then I forgot to download them
to the computer after they were emailed to me.

But here they are, without any further ado...

 The food table

 The cake table

 The top cupcake, for the birthday girl

 The whole scene...my parent's backyard

 The birthday banner I made a few years ago & the rainbow paper chain

 Rainbow cupcakes in a jar (her choice) and some rainbow
Rice Krispie treats in a jar for the gluten/dairy free crowd

 Daddy's special birthday cake

 Rainbow water bottles

And the rainbow pinata!
I made it out of a shoe box.
And since I'm not a big fan of beating pinatas, I made it a pull-tab one.
And since the kids were all little, we made sure that they each had a ribbon 
to pull on at the same time.
We filled it with fruit snacks and homemade gluten & dairy free cookies.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

What a beautifully done party.
Love it Missy, it's so awesome.
Love that pinata as well.
Looks like a lot of work.