15 December 2012

ABC Scripture Book

A few months back while I was scrolling through
my pinterest stuff, I found a book for 
kids that had scriptures that started with each letter of the alphabet.
I was pretty excited, since I thought it would be useful to use 
in our homeschool and preschool activities.
But when I went to the site, she did indeed have 26 different scriptures, but
they didn't all use the King James Version of the Bible.
Which is kind of an issue for me.
So I decided to make my own.

And since I love a free printable as much as anyone,
I'm putting it here to share.
What I did with mine was laminate them, cut them up, and then
punch a hole in the top left corner, then stick them 
on a big ring.  We keep them with our other homeschool stuff and
use each scripture for one week.

Oh, and since I made my own, I included scriptures from the Book of Mormon.
And they are not in order.
But each letter is there.
You can find them HERE.
Also, this is my first time providing a printable.
If you encounter a problem, please let me know
so I can fix it.

What will you use them for?

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annie said...

Missy this is wonderful! I love it!!