14 December 2012

It's Sinking In

I've read enough homeschooling blogs to know that every now and then 
something happens and you know that your 
kids are understanding what they are learning.
And not the letters/numbers stuff, but the retention of history and other things that
aren't as tangible.

My first major insight into this phenomenon was today,
just a few minutes ago.

I was vacuuming the house, which takes awhile, since half of it 
is carpet.  And the girls were upstairs/downstairs doing whatever they were doing.
Then as I turned off the vacuum and headed to the next room,
I heard my 5-year-old say to the 2-year-old that
they needed to run from the Nazis.

This morning we read the last chapter of the book 
Twenty and Ten by Claire Huchet Bishop,
which is an historical fiction book about 20 French school children
who hide 10 Jewish children during WW2.

I highly recommend it.
It's only 5 chapters long, nothing too traumatic happens
(we are doing a Kindergarten curriculum), and a really good read.
Before we read it, I just told the kids a sentence or two about Nazis, 
about how they weren't very nice and tried to kill people, even children.
And we read it a chapter or two at a time, as we followed along with our curriculum.

Thank you, Sonlight!

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