24 July 2012

Still Adjusting

It's sad to admit, but I can't do it all.  I haven't been doing very well with blogging since baby #3 joined our family in April.  But I think that I've finally adjusted well enough to having three kids underfoot all day and a large house to keep up with that I can get back to this blog.  Please bear with me.

Happy Pioneer Day!

We will be celebrating with our ward (church congregation) on Saturday.

Today also happens to be National Drive-Thru Day,
so hopefully you can take advantage of that.
I will have to talk to my husband about it before any plans are made in that regard.
Our choices are a little limited here, since we try to have the kids
eat at home most of the time, and there is a limited
number of places in our area that will still be fresh by the time we get home.
Which is also a good thing, since it keeps us from going through the drive-thru more often.

And heads up - National Chili Dog Day is Thursday, July 26.  Delicious!

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