13 February 2012

This Week

Let's suffice it to say that everyone knows tomorrow is
Valentine's Day!

I hope you enjoy it.
There are also a bunch of other special holidays that day, such as
Library Lovers Day, Race Relations Day, & National Women's Heart Day.
Personally, I don't know why someone would choose to
do another holiday on one that's already so widely celebrated.
Is it just me?
Or do you think it's great to have 10 other holidays that are celebrated on Valentine's Day?

If Wednesday comes around and you don't feel like your kids have had enough sugar,
you can always celebrate
National Gum Drop Day!

And for those of you who don't feel like you get to make
your own choices much, OR if you
are ready to exert yourself a little more, you will really enjoy Friday.
My Way Day.
That's right - do everything your own way - just be careful how you approach it,
or you may find yourself with every member of your family expecting
to do everything their own way...

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Funny post.
I never realized this.
I'll stick with just the one thanks.
It's all I can do to clelbrate the few a year that are popular.