28 January 2014

Valentine's Craft

My friend has been hosting craft nights every couple
months or so.  Sometimes I do the craft
she's got going on, and other times I have brought my own thing
or simply shown up to have some girls time.

Last week, we made these cutie Valentine's boards.
When I put all of my Valentine decorations out, I didn't really like the combination
on the mantle because I had chosen a pale background and there
was too much red.  So I decided to paint my board pink.

Everyone else followed my friend's example & made theirs red.
And my board was from the scrap pile in the garage, 
(and our second vehicle is taking up the whole garage because the 
engine is spread out all over as Kidney Bean tries to figure out
why it doesn't run well, so no saws available)
so it ended up a little longer than all of the other ones, too.
And I love it.

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Melissa said...

I like it.