05 December 2013

Camera Strap

It's a little difficult keeping up with the blogs now
that I've got four kids, but I'm trying to get better again.
Please bear with me.

I was thinking about quitting this blog and putting all my crafts and things up
on my family blog again, but really, I do much better with two even
though I haven't been that great lately.

But life's a work in progress, right?
And a balancing act, especially trying to fit all the stuff I want
to do into a day.  One thing that has 
been helping me is adding some organic apple cider vinegar
to each glass of water that I drink.
At first, it's not that good.  But now I'm to the point
where water doesn't taste quite right if it's not in there.
It's helping with my energy, and a bunch of other things....look it up.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to show my cutie camera strap that I made yesterday.
I followed the tutorial here,
and then followed her advice and tried adding a strip of jumbo rickrack, which I liked.
And then I added three yo yos with button middles to make it 
a little more cutie.
Her tutorial is really good and I thought it was pretty easy to follow,
so definitely head over there if you want to make yourself a new camera strap.
Go Idaho!

I love it!

I know it's kind of an awkward picture, but the hardware isn't very easy to get on and off,
and since I had attached it before I took the picture, I wanted to
keep it on the camera instead of dealing with that hassle.
And I just used scraps, which is even better.
I have an old SLR camera that stopped working right a few years ago, which is
when I started saving up for the fancy DSLR that I was finally
able to buy last year when it went on sale before Christmas.
I used the hardware from the camera strap from my old camera...I just cut off the 
seatbelt material, then sewed this new one right onto the hardware.


Melissa said...

It looks cute Missy.

Samantha S. said...

very cute!